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Paul Gillen
We had the hot water system fitted on the 16th of March. The very next morning, my entire family had showers – 2 adults and 3 children and hot water was no problem! There was no need for the immersion or for oil to heat the water. Before this system was fitted, showering for the whole family involved using the immersion and the use of oil and the water would still run cold towards the end!

As an added bonus, we have found that this system has given us more heat in the radiators and the whole house heats much quicker!!! I am so pleased with the system that we are now installing the hot water system in our family run shop in Moville. I have found EHP to be very professional and efficient and the system is doing exactly what I was told it would do! I would have no hesitation in recommending this system to anyone – I have already seen a vast reduction in my oil bill! Thanks EHP.

Paul Gillen Greencastle, Co.Donegal

Hi guys,

The system has been in now for 15 months and I have good figures on the savings made.   My annual oil consumption has reduced from 5400 litres to 4000 litres, a saving of 1400 litres or about Euros 1200.   So on that basis the payback will come in at less than 5 years!!   My electricity consumption has marginally reduced, mainly because of the switch from the electric shower to using the new power shower, which more than offsets the consumption of the water heating system.

The other thing I should tell you is that we have had many nights over the last couple of months when we have had 10 guests in the house and the system has coped OK without having to resort to using the back-ups.

So good news all round.

By the way, does the unit have to be serviced/inspected in service?

Best Regards, Merv,

Donegal Shore B&B,


Merv Donegal Shore B&B