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Central Heating

EHP solar panels are capable of extracting sufficient warmth to heat a building to a comfortable temperature even on the coldest winter days. Energie solar panels from EHP in Donegal are fully equipped, accredited and qualified to design and install a solar panel system that will meet your needs. Efficient heating and plumbing  have the team, the tools and technology to maximise comfort and energy efficiency in your building and save you money, whether at work or at home.

The Energie Thermodynamic Solar Panels from EHP solar panel installers are able to work as both a  hot water heating system and a central heating system.  Our solar panels can alternate between heating your house during the winter and heating hot water during the spring, autumn and summer. We install solar panels right across the North-West of Ireland, Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Our central heating systems work to their best when they are used with underfloor heating, convectors or solo radiators/ high efficiency aluminium radiators.


If you are going to use thermodynamic solar panels for central heating purposes, then you will usually fit into one of the 3 following categories:

A: If you have a new building with aluminium radiators and underfloor heating then you will most likely have an A or B energy rating. EHP  are currently undertaking projects of this nature and our technical team are constantly examining plans to advise clients. Feel free to contact us or send us on your plans for a no-obligation quote.

B: If your building/home does not have underfloor circuits, but does have alluminium radiators. These use less water than conventional radiators and also operate at a lower temperature, making them more suitable for solar central heating. EHP solar panel installers Donegal can advise best practice in your particular case by asking some very straightforward questions.

C: You have neither of the above. In this is the case, then unfortunately at EHP we would not consider a solar central heating system for your project, but would advise that you would be able to benefit from huge energy savings by using the thermodynamic energie solar panels for your domestic hot water. We have had lots of  customers save over a fill of oil in a calendar year by installing our system.